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Getting Started

SMI Custom Cabinets are custom designed and built to suit your home and style. You can easily revamp your home for every day use, entertaining, or to increase interest with prospective buyers!

The process begins with you contacting us. You may already have some ideas of what type or style cabinets you are looking for. In the initial contact, some of the information you should be ready to provide are:

Location of the Project

Nature of the Project



Materials you may know of (not important)

Colors or finishes

General description of style

At this point we will set up a time to meet at the location or because of distance, we may request you provide us digital photographs and basic dimensions of the space.

Site Meeting

The objective of this step is to take your ideas and combine them with our expertise and create an initial concept and design. SMI will take this information to formulate the proposed cost. At our meeting some useful items to present to make the process move quicker are:

Pictures of examples you may like from magazines etc.

If possible, a list of appliances or equipment you are thinking of using

Samples of other aspects of the space; flooring, carpet, paint colors etc.

We will take the necessary dimensions and may make some simple sketches there on site to confirm elements of the design. Within a few days, we will submit a written proposal for you to review.

Beginning the Project

At this point we will determine if the cost for the project fits within your budget limits. Once you are decided, we will review the details, set up a meeting time, sign the agreements, and it is this meeting we require either a design fee or deposit(depending on scope of the project) to get started. Generally we ask for 40% to 50% for a deposit, one or two progress payments as well as a final upon completion. All payments are due upon receipt to keep the project moving along.


This is the most important step in the project, within ten business days we will have the plans for you to review, it is here any changes must be brought up and all dimensions verified. When the design is signed off we will set a time frame, estimated delivery date and begin the construction.

Construction and Installation

Once we begin construction we will give you updates periodically to let you know the status of you project and will allow you to either come see the progress or send you photos of your cabinets. We will give you a weeks notice for the final delivery date and what is required at the location for us to install your woodwork.

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