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I am Scott Isley, founder of SMI. I was fortunate  enough to be exposed to woodworking at an early age later dedicating myself as I grew to a relentless pursuit of learning every aspects of incorporating fine interior woodwork into high end residential spaces, a path that still continues today 25 years later. 

After years working on some of the largest and finest homes in Los Angeles for two premier shops, I obtained a State Contractors License (#858954) in 2005.

Since opening the doors in 2006, we have assembled a crew of craftsman  who enjoy bringing what we do to designers, architects, builders and owners. We also share our offerings with many of our colleagues and even competitors who feel comfort in relying on our expertise and experience. Being sought out has validated my drive for excellence and quality with attention to the smallest detail. This provides for sense of pride when we, as a team see our work published in places like Architectural Digest, Wall Street Journal, Better Homes and even social media posts of those we work with or along side.  

SMI Custom Cabinets and Millwork currently operates out of 10,200+ square foot facility utilizing some of the latest in advanced machinery, blending that new technology with old world craftsmanship.  SMI continues to grow based on it's ability to connect with it's clients, offering the highest quality work using the finest materials, hardware. We have the capacity to take on a vast array of projects. SMI is a full service shop, offering in-house custom design, finishing, and installation. 

The mission at SMI Custom Cabinets lies in the company motto "Where quality, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction matters."


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